About Us

KRS Equity Group is dedicated to innovation by investing in, and funding promising new tech ventures.
Welcome to KRS Equity Group, as investors we mainly operate in the fields of new tech and smart agriculture, providing early round financing and funding to ventures we find to possess market-disruptive potential. We also provide financial support such as loans and mezzanine funding to existing businesses.
Established by our founding partners in Switzerland in 2017 we are active in the European and global markets.
Our previous round of investments focused primarily on the smart agriculture sector, our investments produced excellent results for our portfolio companies as well as positive yields for our investors, in excess of the market average. Many of our portfolios have already achieved next stage funding, well in excess of their initial value.
Our investments range anything from hundreds of thousands to millions, depending on the circumstances.
At present we are in the early stages of our next round of investment and are looking this time to invest in promising new tech ventures, IOT technology, and renewable energy, in addition to smart agricultural technologies.
We invest in small to mid-sized tech ventures which we have deemed to have an excellent growth potential. All our portfolio ventures undergo a stringent due diligence process, as well as an in-depth analysis of their financial & business plans, and risk assessment by our analysts, before being offered to our investors.
While we acknowledge that our field of activity carries inherent risks, we do not enter any new investment opportunity blindly. We undertake each project enthusiastically with a determination to help our portfolio ventures overcome difficulties and to persevere and flourish.
Our portfolio companies and ventures are all private and are not available to investors on the open market. We give our investors a unique opportunity to partner with us and be a part in the new tech revolution, changing the future from the ground level.

Active Partners

Ventures we invest in can expect an active partner in their business; we are a hands-on enterprise and we take part in the management of our portfolio companies helping them to progress with the benefit of our considerable experience in successfully running and developing companies, leading them to increased profitability.

We act as an enabling factor, advising our ventures on such matters as strategy, day-to-day management, project planning and management, business practice, not to mention the access we grant to our global network of financiers, experts and industry players.


the entrepreneurs' mindset and creativity


our investors, team members and our portfolio ventures


out new markets and opportunities


let every day be a new learning experience


expect excellence from our team and our portfolio ventures

Be fair

only invest in ethically positive ventures and companies


KRS Equity Group believes in people. People are the source of our strength and innovation, together as a team our abilities are amplified and magnified.


KRS Equity Group's team members and associates hail from varied backgrounds. They include analysts, portfolio managers, financial experts, investment advisors, analysts, risk assessors, tech professionals, legal advisors, accountants, PR and marketing professionals, HR and administrative staff. Together we make a formidable team with a common aim to support exciting, market-disrupting new ventures, whilst providing our investors with handsome returns on their investment. Our teamwork is based on mutual trust and professionalism. We appreciate everyone's strengths and encourage a creative collaborative atmosphere at the workplace; we're all making an effort as one, with each team member giving the group the benefit of their capabilities. Our investors entrust their funds with us secure in the knowledge that we will locate and fund new and existing ventures with the best chances to be the next market-disruptive technology.


Our investors include business angels, institutional investors, tech companies, family offices, high value individuals. We foster long-term business relationships with our investors and have an excellent rapport with them; they are as passionate as we are about empowering new technological ventures and bringing them to market. Investors actively support our portfolio ventures, assisting them to achieve growth with the benefit of their accumulated years of experience. They impart their in-depth professional knowledge as participants in our mentoring program.

Private Equity

KRS Equity Group brings investors and entrepreneurs together; together they turn raw concepts into opportunity.

How we help entrepreneurs

At KRS Equity Group we help entrepreneurs achieve growth and market viability for their concepts and ventures. In addition to providing a much needed infusion of funds we act as partners in our portfolio ventures and mentor and accompany them along the way to market entry and commercial viability and profitability. This we achieve over a number of clearly defined steps:


We help entrepreneurs turn their vision into a well-defined concept that will serve as the basis for their corporate culture.

Core strategy

Once we've helped pin down a concept we'll delineate a clear plan defining the road ahead. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls and unnecessary risks. This strategy will guide them on the route to effective growth.

Hiring the best team

As we've already mentioned people are the heart of every successful endeavor. We'll help entrepreneurs locate and hire the most talented crew for their venture. At the same time we'll help formulate the most appropriate HR policy for the organization.

Create a buzz

We'll help with the all-important PR and marketing side of things; often tech specialists aren't necessarily the best at creating a buzz about their projects or products, that's where our PR and marketing experts come in.

Market entry

Our team will help ventures prepare for market entry. Whether breaking into the market with a new product, or entering a new international market we'll analyze the market thoroughly, and help plan and strategize the process in advance, so everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Our network of investors and portfolio companies gives our ventures a competitive edge; if we can't provide the answers, our partners most certainly can, we hold regular meetings and sessions where entrepreneurs and investors can exchange ideas and advice freely.


We set up the most appropriate financing plan and structure for our portfolio companies, based on the most relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for their organization. We help them fine tune their monitoring process and generally provide guidance in financial management.

We view our portfolio ventures and companies as being our partners and team members.
At present we are in the process of preparing for our next investment round, we'll be concentrating on ventures in four innovative sectors:

Smart agriculture

Renewable energy

Smart tech



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