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Privacy policy
Thank you for visiting Some of your personal data may be collected and processed during your visit to our website.
We may process the following:

This refers to the way you interact with the website, this may include your clicks, which sections you viewed and for how long, your IP address, which type of device you use to browse, your location etc.

ID info
Personal information you submit, such as your name and date of birth.

Contact info
Contact information you submit, this may include your email address, phone number, contact address, etc.

Assessment details
If applying for employment we may retain data collected during your application process including performance during interviews, assessments regarding your suitability for positions, your CV and cover letter, etc. If you're applying for an investment we will retain all relevant details including your cover letter and application documentation, etc.

Professional details
If applying for employment we may retain details of your professional experience, as submitted in your CV, this can include work experience, relevant skills, education, formal and informal training etc.

Submitted queries and messages
Information submitted by you as a query or message via our site, or by email.

How do we use cookies?
We use cookies for various purposes;
a- To ensure proper website functionality.
b- Performance measurement- to understand your interaction with our website and to recognize any issues met while browsing
c- Functionality -to recall you from previous visits and to provide a better browsing experience.

How do we use your data?
We use your data in for enhanced user experience, as well as internal administrative uses.

Data usage for legal purposes if required to do so for the purpose of carrying out business or contractual activity on your behalf, in particular when you wish to enter a contract with us. Without your information and data we will be unable to proceed any further.

If you should you choose not to provide us with your relevant personal data we will be unable to continue with our contractual obligation with you.

With whom do we share your data?
We share your personal data with third parties when required for the purpose of carrying out our services with you; whenever legally or contractually required to do so.
    These can include:
  • Third party services carried out on your behalf
  • Business partners
  • Insurers, governmental,
  • Statutory or regulatory bodies
  • Law enforcement requests
  • Fraud checking services
  • Court or persons or entities appointed by a court,
  • Liquidators
  • Receivers
  • Accountants
  • Legal advisors